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Paris in Winter with Kids - Part 4 - Learn to Cook French Specialties!

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Unleash your creativity with a kid-friendly cooking class, where you will learn French techniques and recipes that you can then recreate at home!

Kids learning to bake at Atelier L Paris

This is my favorite idea on what to do for fun during the chilly months in Paris. What better way to get through winter than by cozying up in a kitchen to learn to bake or cook French delicacies with your child? I love this activity because it is something that both parent and child will equally enjoy and learn from.

While there are a couple bigger cooking schools that are offering experiences for kids, they are almost exclusively in French. I was able to round up 2 great options for family cooking classes in English.

Jenni, the founder of Atelier L, is a professional pastry chef and maman of 2 adorable little gals. She is offering custom baking classes for kids or families, either in Paris, or at her home in Asnieres sur Seine, 10 mins from Gare St. Lazare.

She has tons of professional experience – everything from creating gluten-free breads and pastries for Noglu, France's first 100% Gluten-Free restaurant, to teaching at the cooking school La Cuisine Paris, and is a natural teacher.

Cakes by Jenni of Atelier L Paris

If you and your little one are interested in learning how to bake authentic macaroons or croissants, a class with Jenni is ideal!

More information on classes here:

The ‘Cuisine en Famille – Parent/Child Cooking’ Class

Another family cooking class is offered by the Cook’n with Class Cooking School.

Hands on learning at Cook'n with Class Cooking School

From the website: “A parent and child French cooking class, where you and your child will work together as a team to create a healthy and delicious 3-course French meal that you can duplicate at home. Give your child an unforgettable memory of Paris and a family-fun and friendly experience at our French cooking school in Paris.”

Cook'n with Class Meal examples and space

Here, the chefs focus on seasonality of ingredients, which is a great notion to start instilling early. I also like that you prepare an entire balanced menu in this class, and that it is vamped up ‘everyday food’- meaning that the ingredients are easy to obtain! They also offer a vegetarian option for the meal. The school is located in Montmartre, right next to the to the beautiful Square de Clignancourt – afterwards you could stroll over to admire the classic architecture and play at the playground.

Class Duration: 4 hours (includes 3-course meal) Price per person: 180€/duo Child age: 6-12 years

Location: 6 rue Baudelique, 75018 Paris, France

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