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The Petit Fixer

The Key to Your
Successful Project in France
  • Complete your project efficiently & on-budget

  • Get unique ideas for France-specific content

  • Turnkey service that can manage all the logistics of your project, from contacting participants and convincing them to participate, to interpreting during meetings and organizing travel 


What exactly is a Fixer?


Production Assistant, Research Assistant, General Solver of Problems... A Fixer can fill many roles, depending on the sector. Basically - a Fixer is someone who solves problems and gets stuff done!


Fixers will most often act as a researcher, translator and guide, and will help to contact locals that the correspondent would not otherwise have access to.


They play a crucial role in the final outcome of a project in a foreign country. 

Why Hire a Fixer?


Whether you are a writer researching your upcoming novel, a film crew looking for off-the-beaten-track spots to film, or a journalist searching for people to interview, I can help you to organize and successfully complete your project in France.

the petit fixer - map and notebook

France is the most visited country in the world, and the subject of countless books, articles and films. Filled with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, it is also a country of exceptions. There are strict cultural guidelines on how to communicate, and more often than not plenty of red tape to negotiate. 

After 10+ years living in France, and working in Event Management and Communications, I am an expert organizer and  researcher, and know the magic words to convince locals to help with your project. I can help you to quickly complete your project by managing all aspects that involve contacting locals, handling communications, and organizing logistics. 

The Petit Fixer Service

Turnkey service for your project in France

The Petit Fixer Service is your answer to a successful project in France! 

We will start with a debrief so that I fully understand your project, goals, needs, and timeline. I will then get to work researching, contacting and convincing participants to partake in the project. You will be kept abreast of all updates, and we can do progress check-ins as necessary as you wish. If you come to France, I can accompany you during your trip for translating, and organize your voyage for you.

Hourly or Daily rate 


Zoë was a joy to

work with: knowledgeable, diligent, organized and dedicated,

she’s our go-to guide for all things Paris.


Work with Zoe -

You won’t be disappointed! 

— Mark Ayling, The Vagabrothers


Zoë is indispensable-she wrangled interviews, handled logistics and translation, and provided  all the research help I needed with my new book project. She's brilliant, knowledgeable, organized, and sophisticated;

I cannot recommend her more highly.  

— Luke Barr, New York Times bestselling author of Provence, 1970 and Ritz & Escoffier 

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