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The Louvre Museum... with Kids!

The other weekend, my daughter Lucie (5) and I took a trip to the Louvre. It was probably the highlight of my month - it’s was just SO FUN! I know what you’re thinking, and I thought this until very recently - the Louvre is just too monstrous and crowded to be enjoyable with a kid.

But I swear, thanks to the ‘secret’ entrance (see this reel), and a little forethought, it was so enjoyable for both of us.

Here are a couple tricks to making it fun:

  • Use the free lockers off the main area - it is SO much better navigating the crowded areas with less gear!

The FREE Louvre lockers

  • Take some time to learn about a few pieces in advance - Lucie has been studying the kings and queens of France, in particular the Rubens series depicting the life of Marie de Médicis. She was SO into seeing it! Kids tend to think it’s pretty cool when they see something IRL that they studied in a book.

  • Come prepared! I had a sketchbook and colored pencils (NOT markers - they are not allowed by the artwork in museums in general) ready to keep Lucie entertained. Basically - sketching supplies are my secret weapon to most outings:)

  • I also had snacks ready for pit stops in between wings where you can eat. They have some snack options at the Louvre too, including an Angelina café.

  • Aside seeing the Rubens paintings, we really did not have an agenda. We stopped by the Mona Lisa and Nike, but that was the least enjoyable part of the visit due to crowds. I realize you probably HAVE to go see the big ticket items, but also take time to go explore something less visited - Napoleon’s Apartments and the French sculpture section were delightfully empty and stress free!

Crowded Louvre VS Uncrowded Louvre!

  • After your time at the museum, get some fresh air in the Tuileries gardens, right in the Louvre’s backyard. Let kids run off some steam - there’s a great playground on the far side of the park from the Louvre:)

AND - if you want to go one step further, consider booking a private tour with a kid-friendly guide! I can put you in touch with some absolutely lovely ones.

Have you been to the louvre museum with kids? How was your experience ? Do you have any tips to share with other families?

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