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Night out in Paris? Yes, please!

I have some exciting news today – The Petit Guide has partnered with the Bilingual Nannies Agency in Paris to get you that dreamy night out in Paris!

Bilingual Nannies Agency will find you a trusted babysitter for your night out!

Paris has so many sides – YES – it is so family-friendly (with some pointers:)), but let’s be honest… There’s also the stunning nightlife that happens past 8:00PM, and that just doesn’t mesh well with tired children, kids’ meals, and those sneakers you have to wear everyday to keep up with little ones.

I want to offer you the BEST Paris has to offer, and that includes fancy dinners with no trace of ketchup, romantic walks along with Seine sans piggy back ride requests, or an unforgettable concert that is *not* Raffi!

That is why I am so glad to have found Annette and Théo, founders of the Bilingual Nannies Agency, so that you can get the best of both sides of Paris. After a quick consultation about your needs, they will find you a vetted, English-speaking nanny to come to your hotel or AirBnB, and look after your little ones while you get that night (or day!) out you’ve been dreaming of!

All of the childcare providers at Bilingual Nannies Agency are bilingual, meaning they will be able to converse with your kiddos, but also handle any emergency in French. I know that the idea of leaving your kids alone with a new person in a foreign city can be scary, but Annette and Théo find the best of the best, and my guess is that your kids will also have a fun night, playing games and reading stories with their new babysitter.

To hear more, you can contact Bilingual Nannies Agency on their website, or I can arrange this service for you! They also offer more long term nanny services, including holiday nannies who travel along with your family. Now THAT sounds like a relaxing vacation!

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