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Paris in Winter with Kids - Part 5 - The Modern Art Museum of Paris (Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris)

Rounding out the recommendations for the ever-pressing question “What are we going to do today in this cold weather?” is the newly re-opened Paris Modern Art Museum! I know, I know – that makes for a lot of museums. BUT this one is just such a great option for families, I just HAD to list it.

This museum is a real gem, with over 15,000 works, representing the wealth of artistic creation from the last century or so. There are plenty of bright and graphic works, which tend to attract kids.

Colorful works by Robert Delaunay

My favorite room is filled with works by Delaunay, which are colorful and lively. The best part is the painting ‘The Eiffel Tower,’ which is perfectly situated right next to a large glass window overlooking the real Eiffel Tower!

There are also two large rooms featuring the triptychs ‘The Unfinished Dance’ and ‘The Dance of Paris’ by Matisse, which will also surely appeal to both adults and kids alike.

Another great discovery was ‘The Electricity Fairy’ by Dufy, which is installed in an entire room, complete with eerie sounds, and which was meant to “to promote the role of electricity in national life” back in the 1930s. There are many aspects of this painting that will interest older kids – from spotting the portraits of over 100 scientists and inventors who contributed to the development of electricity, to identifying various characters from mythology, such as Zeus, who is powering generators with his lightning bolts.

Plus, did I mention that entrance to the permanent collection is free?

The museum also organizes several types of events for families and children (almost exclusively in French). For instance, there is an event called the ‘Baby visit’ for parents with babies age 0-8 months that is described as such: ‘In the Museum exhibition spaces, parents and their children take part in breathing and relaxation exercises inspired by yoga and wutao. After this experience of contemplation, the parents create a tactile surface for their child, relating to the works they have observed.’

Reservations required, More info here:

The Modern Art Museum of Paris (Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris)

11 Avenue du Président Wilson 75016 Paris

Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM – 6PM, and on Thursdays until 10PM

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