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The Petit Guide

Your Family-Friendly
Paris Guide
  • Take the guesswork and stress out of planning your trip

  • Find unique activities your group will enjoy, even children

  • Learn about an area, history and culture in an accessible and fun way

  • Get tons of tips for the rest of your stay in Paris and France!

Traveling with kids. What better opportunity to create lifelong memories and grow closer as a family, right?


Trips with younger members of the family can be a bit tricky - finding activities and restaurants everyone enjoys is no easy task! Also, as a parent, it is tough to balance keeping an eye on kids with learning about what you're visiting - who has time to pull out a guide book with kids in tow? 


With me as your guide, everyone will get the most out of Paris!

My bespoke experiences exploring Paris are crafted for you & your family.  All of my services include tons of handy tips on everything from kid-friendly outings, public transportation, off the beaten track spots in Paris only locals know about, avoiding tourist traps, and much more.


The Custom Tour

3 Hour Custom Tour in a Location of your Choice

I’ll meet you in a designated spot, and we’ll spend 3 hours strolling and learning about the monuments we see and their history, French culture, and daily life in Paris.  Our walk may include ducking into a boulangerie that has won a ‘Best Baguette in Paris’ medal, wandering through an open-air market, hopping into my favorite shops for unique souvenirs… It really depends on where we go and what you like! Paris is full of surprises, so no two tours are alike.

225 euros / Tour

The Kids-Friendly Tour

Experience adapted for your 'Petite Ones'

This experience is completely adapted to families traveling with children, so that both adults and kids can have a great time. Like the 'Custom Tour,' we will meet in a designated spot of your choosing. For families, I often recommend the city center around the islands, or Montmartre. We will focus on monuments and other places of interest, discuss history and culture, and you will get you a glimpse into everyday life in France. To keep kids happy,  we will incorporate stops in parks with fun surprises for the kids, and snack breaks while we discuss what we've seen, in terms that kids can understand. You'll also come away with tons of other tips for the rest of your stay!

75 euros / Hour

Custom Itinerary Planning

Your Key to a Unique & Relaxing Vacation

You have a fabulous vacation in Paris coming up, but just can't seem to find the time to reserve a hotel, let alone plan out your precious days in the City of Light. Let me take the guesswork and stress out of planning your trip.


This package includes an introductory phone call, where we will discuss what you and your group enjoy (Fine dining? Discovering locals’ spots? Art and culture? Outdoors activities?), what you are expecting from your stay in Paris, and budget. Based on our discussion, I will send you a list of options. Once you decide on your preferred activities, I’ll get to work crafting an efficient itinerary and reserving everything. You’ll receive a detailed document with names, addresses, etc., so that all you have to do is enjoy the best of what the city has to offer!

Starting at 125 euros / Day

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Travel Planning Consultation Call

Access to all of my favorite Paris tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed with planning your trip to Paris, but don't need a full-on mapped out itinerary?  A quick phone consultation could be just the ticket to saving you tons of time AND unlocking all the kid-friendly secrets of Paris. You would be surprised how much we can cover in a 1 hour phone call!  

  • The best neighborhood to stay in or help choosing an AirBnB

  • Ideal activities based on the ages of travelers and interests

  • Family-friendly restaurants throughout Paris

  • How to group everything efficiently 

  • My favorite kid-friendly tips for tackling museums and monuments 

  • Anything else that may be stumping you!

75 euros for a 1 hour phone consultation


The full day that we spent with Zoe was delightul in every way. She toured with us around Montmartre - her stomping ground. She knew the best shops for baguettes and macarons, gave us just the right amount of history combined it with a contemporary living. She engaged my daughter as well as me, and had just the perfect gentle demeanor. I would recommend touring with Zoe to everyone!

— Laura W., Vermont

Zoe was the best tour guide! As a non-French speaking tourist I was extremely overwhelmed trying to navigate such a busy city with 3 children (ages 6,6, &5). My children loved her! She perfectly customized our tour to the locations nearest our hotel and was incredibly patient/helpful with the kids. My husband and I learned a lot about French culture and history along the way! This is a must and an experience you will not regret!

— Haley G., Texas

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