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Hi!  I did not want to leave you hanging while I am out of office!

These are all wonderful family guides that I can vouch for as offering high quality tours and being great with kids. If you book, tell them Zoe recommended you, and they'll know what kind of tour guide you want.  Have a great trip to Paris!

*** I did just launch a brand new self-guided tour of Montmartre for families - it is basically my tour! 

Josephine and Ferit have a small family-run business and are parents.  They offer tours all over Paris, including museums and Versailles. We just tried the Louvre scavenger hunt and we all thoroughly loved it. 

Aly offers amazing family food and history tours - we just did one and it was so fun! This is the Airbnb experience link, BUT if you contact her directly at you can get a discount!  

Hannah specializes in tours for small groups and families with teens and young children. She offers tours in the Left Bank/Latin Quarter (where she lives!) and the Marais.


Madeline is an excellent family guide and extremely knowledgeable. She specializes in tours for small groups all over Paris, including fun museum visits.

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